Petrol Price Today (State Wise List 2023), Petrol Rates in My City, How to Check Petrol Latest Rate?

Petrol Price Today:-Gasoline is a commodity that is needed primarily for transportation purposes (commercial or personal). The price of gasoline charged at the pump is the market price of gasoline that the buyer has to pay. Prices of fuels like gasoline are confirmed by the National Oil Marketing Corporations (OMC) such as Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil & Hindustan Petroleum, which is the PPAC (Petroleum Planning and Review Cell) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. supervised by gas.

In India, petrol prices are updated daily with price change at 06:00:00 every day. This ensures that even his minute fluctuations in world oil prices are communicated to fuel buyers and traders. In India, petrol prices change daily, with a price change reaching 06:00:00 every day. Fuel prices include excise duty, value added tax (VAT) and dealer fees. Sales tax varies by state. Adding consumption tax, dealer fees and value-added tax nearly doubles the market selling price of gasoline. It is important to check the price of petrol today to know the price per liter and buy properly. Various factors collide with the gasoline rate.

Petrol Price Today

The fuel price is changed to 06:00:00 a.m every day. As of June 2017, India’s fuel prices are being revised daily, this is the dynamic fuel price process. This ensures that even his minute fluctuations in world oil prices are communicated to fuel customers and traders. The Indian government has allowed oil marketing firms to hedge the Taka price of fuel based on fluctuations in foreign exchange trading prices and international oil prices. Previously, fuel prices he adjusted every two weeks. There are many factors that can crash your fuel rate.

Petrol Price Today

These include the Rupee to US dollar exchange rate, crude oil prices, global cues, fuel needs, and more. Interest rates in India will rise as international oil prices rise. Sales tax varies by state. Add sales tax, dealer fees, and sales tax, and the selling price of gasoline multiplies. Factors affecting gasoline prices in India include crude oil value, demand, taxes, rupees and dollars, and refinery utilization rates. The most famous and popular oil marketing companies in India are Reliance Industries, Essar, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum. Price at which gasoline dealer/distributor purchases from OMC + excise duty + dealer’s commission + VAT = market price of gasoline. Fuel prices such as petrol are not subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Petrol Price Today Details

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State Wise Petrol Price in Indian Cities

State Petrol Price Change
Andhra Pradesh 110.48 ₹/L -9.52
Assam 96.01 ₹/L 0.00
Bihar 107.24 ₹/L 0.00
Chhattisgarh 102.45 ₹/L 0.00
Gujarat 96.31 ₹/L 0.00
Haryana 96.18 ₹/L 0.00
Himachal Pradesh 97.58 ₹/L +0.29
Jammu And Kashmir 99.81 ₹/L +0.22
Jharkhand 99.81 ₹/L 0.00
Karnataka 101.51 ₹/L 0.00
Kerala 105.89 ₹/L 0.00
Madhya Pradesh 108.67 ₹/L 0.00
Maharashtra 109.24 ₹/L 0.00
Odisha 103.19 ₹/L 0.00
Punjab 96.50 ₹/L 0.00
Rajasthan 108.46 ₹/L 0.00
Tamil Nadu 103.09 ₹/L 0.00
Telangana 109.66 ₹/L 0.00
Uttar Pradesh 96.53 ₹/L 0.00
Uttarakhand 95.28 ₹/L +0.06
West Bengal 106.03 ₹/L 0.00
NCT Of Delhi 96.72 ₹/L 0.00

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Petrol Price Revision In India

The National Organization of Oil and Gas Producers (NOGP) has announced that the daily revision of gasoline prices in India will be based on CNG prices. This means that gas pump prices are revised daily based on the cost of crude oil. The main reason for this change is to adjust the price of CNG and gasoline and discourage people from using gasoline for unnecessary purposes.

Indian oil marketers revise gasoline prices daily based on changes in international crude oil market prices. As crude oil prices rise, Indian petrol prices also rise as Indian refineries import crude oil to make petrol. As crude oil prices fall, so will gasoline prices in India, as this coincides with a decline in Indian demand for gasoline. In addition to gas prices, we also provide market future information to help our readers make better decisions about their spending behavior.

Elements influencing Todays Petrol Rate In India

There are many factors that affect Petrol prices in India. The major drivers of gasoline prices in India are world oil prices, domestic production and distribution costs, and taxes.

Global crude Oil Rate

The major factor affecting gasoline prices in India is the global cost of crude oil. They directly affect the cost of production and tariffs, and influence the price of fuel on the world market. Crude oil prices have risen regularly in recent years, leading to higher gasoline prices in India.

Rupees to Dollar Exchange Prices

One factor that influences Petrol prices in India is the exchange rate of the rupee against the dollar. Oil refiners benefit because they make a lot of money when the cost of unrefined oil is high. Moreover, if the rupee weakens against the dollar, oil refiners will find it difficult to access funding.

Production & contributions costs

Another factor that affects the price of gasoline is the domestic cost of manufacturing and distribution. These figures include the cost of extracting, refining, and transporting oil to various parts of the country. Because they spread out the fuel cost per unit, high contribution costs can have a large impact on gasoline price increases.


Logistics plays an important role in setting tariffs. Fuel far from storage costs more than fuel located nearby. The root cause is global events affecting oil prices, which explain the disparity in gasoline prices in India. As of 24th January 2018, petrol price was Rs 72.38 per liter in Delhi and Rs 80.25 per liter in Mumbai.

Tax Rates

Ultimately, taxes affect the price of gasoline. Both the quality of the item and the taxes that the government imposes on fuel affect fuel costs. If the Indian government cuts fuel tax rates, Indian oil companies will have to raise gasoline prices to recoup their losses and preserve their marginal assets.

Various taxes that collision petrol rates in India

Collision tax on Petrol in India varies from state to state. The Central Sales Tax (CST) is a consumption tax levied on the sale of goods and services in areas administered by the central government. Value-added tax (VAT), also known as value-added tax, is second, added to goods and services through production. The service tax, or tax on services rendered, is the third.

How to Check the Current Petrol Price in India?

Petrol prices in India are updated every morning at 6:00 according to the dynamic fuel price policy. Therefore, it is important to check the petrol price per liter in India every day. Over 90% of gas stations in the Indian market are managed by Government Oil Marketing Corporations (OMC), so we have successfully made available the latest gas price list in India through our online and offline channels. I’m here. Some of the popular oil companies that you can trust to check raw gasoline prices in India are Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).


Today’s petrol prices in many states of India. State petrol prices are divided above. Today’s gas prices in each state are provided above along with a brief description of that state.


How the petrol price is calculated?

Indian petrol retail price is based on crude oil, OMC margin, freight, freight, central government tax, state tax, excise tax and other taxes. OMC cost: Oil distributors refine crude oil into gasoline and sell it to dealers.

Why is petrol cheaper in the city?

There are no winners or losers in the race. Due to the large number of competing retailers, it is common for fuel costs to be lower in cities with a higher gas station density. Petrol prices are very expensive in rural England where drivers are forced to refuel their cars.

How is the price of petrol measured?

When you fill up your gas tank, the subliminal increase in crude oil cost has a flow-on effect that affects your daily gas cost. Gasoline price cycles include costs from global trends, Australian taxes and other mitigating factors.

Why are petrol prices different in different cities?

Changes to the cost of this item, as well as changes to petrol and diesel costs, will immediately affect the price. If the supply and demand of crude oil change, the price will also change.

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